World Class Wing Shooting is...

a masterful orchestra under the direction of the Head Gamekeeper on a private country estate. Game is thoughtfully raised with dedication to perfection. Underkeepers and Gophers are expertly trained to produce a safe and successful hunt. Beaters sound the horns and whip the wind with flags, sending winged game soaring above guns and pegs. Royally bred bird dogs bound after the fallen feathers. Gentlemen gather up the harvest and prep for a feast. 

Scottish Sporting and Shooting Attire is more than Luxe Style. Prestigious country clothing is available from local retailers to outfit every guest. 

The best shooters step into the gallery for a gunfitting before stepping onto the field. A well-fitted gun is necessary to exercise great skill. 

Simulated game shooting is organized with champion shooters that hold reputations of Authority on traditional side by side and antique shotguns. This is ideal to get acquainted with the terrain and prepare to the driven bird shoots. This opportunity offers established and novice Guns to find good methods for improvement. 

In the field, Guns set out on a minimum of four drives each day after 250 pheasants. A personal Loader, a fitted shotgun and cartridges are provided for our guests. A full spread is provided for lunch at the field.

The Hosts invest in associations and thoughtful planning to ensure a truly remarkable shoot.