World Class Fly Fishing is...

a beautifully choreographed dance. As the fog rises from the water, guiding words from a Master Angler echoes, “Long live the Queen,” as the line is cast and whips along the tranquil waters along side the riverbanks. A day may be lost to the majesty of Scotland’s river system. Many are called to the river for her enormous catch, while others seek serenity amidst the tranquil waters that gently caress the shorelines of ancient lands that are still unspoiled and wild.


Non-shooters have the opportunity to fly-fish on internationally renowned rivers for salmon and trout. Scottish guides design bespoke, tailor-made fishing on Scotland’s most productive rivers, complete with the bait and tackle. They study the river systems, feeding patterns of the local catch, and bug hatches, all to best choose fly selection, placement and drift. Every angler’s need is thoughtfully anticipated and provided for.